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Ever get that "Locked Out" Feeling? Never be Locked out Again! Buy KeyGuard Key Safe

Key Safe FAQs

  1. I am locked out of my KeyGuard
  2. Can the KeyGuard be broken into?

  3. How Weather/Rust Resistant is the KeyGuard?

  4. How is the KeyGuard better than the Outdoor Key safe?

  5. How do I change the combination?

  6. How does the KeyGuard outdoor key safe function when exposed to the elements?

  7. How does the KeyGuard key safe do in the Marine Environment?

  8. How many keys will the KeyGuard key safe hold?

  9. Where do I place my KeyGuard?

  10. What is the warranty on the KeyGuard key safe?

  11. Got another Question not answered here? Ask us!
scombination Key Safe key safe

Key Safe

Combination Key Safe


Key Safe FAQs

I am locked out of my KeyGuard
  First note that whatever buttons you have activated on the back of the door will be your combination.  Secondly, note that this same code would have needed to be punched in prior to closing the door.  Lastly, the code will not change on its own.   Hopefully that helps in troubleshooting!   If not go here. 
Can the KeyGuard Pro outdoor key safe be broken into?
  Eventually. The KeyGuard Pro outdoor key safe has a reinforced metal body with a hardened steel shackle. It is very secure and difficult to break into and more secure than other lockbox key safes on the market. With a lot of time and effort, it may be possible to get the KeyGuard Pro open, but in all honesty, throwing a brick through a window or busting down the door would be easier!

Key Safe

How Rust Resistant and weather resistant is the ShurLok?
  The textured coating on the outside of the KeyGuard Pro key safe protects from the elements to ensure that the key safe is rust resistant and will hold up to the elements and weather.  The vault itself is made of nonferrous material and the front cover protects/shields the punch button face from the elements.

Key Safe

How is the ShurLok better than the competition?
  The KeyGuard Pro Key safe:
- Offers letter and number combinations
- Offers an optional padlockable shackle
- Has a hinged door to ensure that it does not fall off or disappears
- Better Price, about $10 less
- Easier to use, with the buttons set up like a phone keypad, the combination is in a familiar pattern, creating ease for the user

Combination Key Safe

How do I change the combination on the KeyGuard Pro key safe?
  The KeyGuard Pro key safe is easy to recombinate. Once the front face is open, a "key" is supplied clipped to the bottom back of the door. You turn to activate each button you want to use in  your combination. In about 10 seconds your lockbox key safe is ready to use. It can be recombinated whenever needed.

Outdoor Key Safe

How does the KeyGuard Pro outdoor key safe respond to the elements when exposed?
  Very well, especially when the protective cover is used.; however, it is a mechanical device so it can freeze when directly exposed to freezing weather. Rain, cold and heat do not effect the functionality of the KeyGuard Pro outdoor key safe

Key Safe

How does the KeyGuard Pro key safe hold up in the Marine Environment?
  Good, the coated surface of the key safe helps to protect from the elements and helps it to perform well in the Marine Environment. Many people use the KeyGuard Pro outdoor key safe on their boat lockers as a padlock and as keystorage.
How many keys will the KeyGuard Pro key safe hold?
  The KeyGuard will hold up to 8 keys depending on the width of the keys.
Where do I place my KeyGuard key safe?
  Due to all of the accessories available, the KeyGuard Pro key safe can be placed wherever you desire. Some people prefer to leave it in the open, or hidden and the location can be given by the owner.
What is the warranty on the KeyGuard key safe?
  The KeyGuard has a one year warranty against manufacturing defects. This does not cover forgotten combinations.







Key Safe


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